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Coming Soon ...

  • Summer's here and that means it's time for CAMP!  Registration for Southern Swing's Summer Camp
    Series is now open ... visit the "Camps & Training" page for details!

  • Mark your calendars!  Dates have been announced Southern Swing's 2019 Club Season Try-Outs.

    To register for try-outs, visit the "Try-Outs" page now!          (361) 210-6876
What's New ...

  • The final week of regular play in Session 2 of Southern Swing's 2018 Summer League continued on
    Tuesday, July 17 with week 3 competition in the Sub-Varsity division.  Youth, Women's, Middle School
    and Sub-Varsity teams have been seeded for the final week of play and their bracket schedules are
    now available. The final week of regular play concludes with the Varsity division on Thursday, July 19.  
    For more information including league schedules, rules, weekly results and current teams standings
    visit  the "Summer League" page.

  • Southern Swing's 2018 Summer Camp Season is in full swing and we are having a great time working
    with young athletes of all ages!  THANK YOU to all of the players that are coming out each day and
    working hard and to the coaches that are there working with them!   

    Registration remains open for some additional upcoming sessions of Southern Swing's 2018 Summer
    Camp Series.  This year's camp series features camps for athletes in grades K - 12 for the 2018-2019
    school year.  High school level camps have been revised to offer a new condensed and more
    affordable camp option for busy high school athletes.  For additional details on all camp sessions
    including dates, times, location and registration instructions, visit the "Camps & Training" page now!

  • Southern Swing's 2018 camp season got off to a fantastic start with the annual High School
    Invitational Camp on July 16!  This year's athletes were privileged to work with guest instructor Alyssa
    Dibbern.  Alyssa is a former Baylor University stand-out who earned numerous awards and honors
    during her collegiate career and is currently a professional international player having spent time in
    Germany, Spain and Cypress during her time abroad.  

    THANK YOU to Alyssa for taking time out of her schedule to spend the day with us and to all of the
    area athletes that accepted our invitation to participate this year's camps.  We also say thank-you to
    our own coaches who worked with Alyssa and all of our athletes to make this year's Invitational Camp
    a success!

  • Make sure to visit the "Photo Album" page to see our club teams in action at their USAV tournaments
    and other events throughout the year!

  • Southern Swing is always looking for energetic, qualified coaches.  If you have an interest in
    becoming part of our team, tell us about yourself today!

  • If you would like to be added to our contact list and receive e-mails about Southern Swing events
    including camps, try-outs, leagues and tournaments ... click here now.
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Registration is OPEN for Southern Swing's
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Sunday, September 9, 2018 - Ages 11 through 14
Sunday, September 16, 2018 - Ages 15 through 17
2018-2019 Club Season Try-Out Dates
Have Been Announced!
2018 High School Invitational Camp
Coaches & Athletes
July 16, 2018
2018 High School Invitational Camp
Top Team
Special Award Winners
Aliana Rojas (Top Defensive Player), Maiya Tillman (Camp MVP),
Ashlyn Davis (Top Offensive Player) and Coach Alyssa Dibbern
Middle School All Skills Camp
July 17 & 18, 2018
High School Hitting/Blocking & Setting Camp
July 17, 2018